Feb 10

A home in Asia Airplane over the ocean My home in Georgia

Feb. 9

vast expanse of space stars and planets, gas and dust where else is there life?

Feb 8

Fried foods, fats, oil Clogs arteries, stops the heart Fills and warms the soul

Feb 7

A bag of feathers Small white tiles of weightless warmth Immensely heavy

Feb 6

Is it possible? 40 days and 40 nights… A dry windowpane

Feb 5

I feel the earth move Tectonic activity Sense of helplessness

Feb 4

Fame, glory, and wealth All the things that make life “great”? Nah, I think I’ll pass

Feb 3

Almonds and coffee Apple cider vinegar Am I healthy now?

Feb 2

Doctor, bank, haircut Beethoven’s sixth symphony On a cold Friday

Feb 1

Outside my window The rain continues to fall The dog needs a walk