Feb 21

Briny, fragrant mist Aeons of earth’s processes Smudging my glasses

Feb 20

Night stroll on the beach Crabs shuffling across the sand Stars shining above

Feb 19

Sundown on the beach Orion constellation History twinkles

Feb 18

A day at the beach Crashing waves, turbulent sea A peaceful spirit

Feb 17

The Anthropocene Malls, Starbucks, and soccer moms Rich fossil record

Feb 17

ferns in my bedroom sphaeropteris cooperi regal silhouette

Feb 16

a cup of coffee breakfast in america fresh sourdough bread

Feb 15

United Airlines Please don’t beat your passengers I want to get home

Feb 14

11:30 Departures and arrivals Greetings and farewells

Feb 13

48 hours A San Francisco morning I’ll keep my heart, thanks.

Feb 12

Blank sheet of paper Endless possibilities In a finite space

Feb 11

The Armstrong limit The threshold of outer space? Nearer than my home