110 Proofreading

Write drunk, edit sober.

Probably Not Ernest Hemingway
(also probably not good advice)

Aside from starting stories of my own (some of which, like the ones here, I don’t finish), or writing about music, I’m also a professional editor.

I have a degree in English, and have spent more than a decade in education-related work, the majority of that in editing and translating. Editing is best left to professionals. I’m passionate about stories, and I’d love to help you with yours. Rate estimates are as follows:

  • Proofreading– This is the last step before publication, a final quality check for a manuscript that is formatted and all but ready to go. This is for a manuscript that does not require extensive work. It includes correcting typos, spelling and grammar errors, etc. that may have been missed in previous edits. US$0.006/word (e.g. $300 for a 50,000-word manuscript.)
  • Copy editing– More detailed than a simple proofread, copy editing focuses on errors with grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling. Copyediting ensures consistency (in tense, person, etc.) across the story. It also includes checking for consistency in plot details and improving the flow of the story. US$0.009/word (e.g. $450 for a 50,000-word manuscript.)
  • Line editing– A line edit is even more focused on the quality of the writing, not just about finding and correcting errors. A line edit focuses on how you tell your story, the words you use, and achieving your desired effect. A line edit is like a copy edit with a soul. US$0.015/word (e.g. $750 for a 50,000-word manuscript.)
  • Developmental editing– The most all-encompassing of edits, really beyond just editing. It’s most focused on the telling of a story. Does it have direction? Are the characters real to the reader? Would he or she say that thing that way? How is it structured? It’s the most intensive and in some cases the most exciting work on a story, if that’s what you’re looking for or are in need of. Send me an email to discuss this.