A Haiku a Day

(cover image by John-Mark Kuznietsov)

February is a great month for doing things that might seem intimidating in other months. Sure, it’s only (usually) two days shorter than all the other months, but that’s two fewer days you have to do whatever it is you’ve committed yourself to doing.

Last year, I did a few little monthly things for my much more regular site, actually on Twitter, where I chose a composer with a significant number of symphonies to his name, and listened to one a day, in chronological (well, numbered) order. First was Nikolai Myaskovsky, who wrote 27 symphonies (and a few other things to round out that last day). I then did English composer Havergal Brian a few months later, who wrote 32 symphonies, two of which dribbled over into July.

There was another contender for February, but it turns out a handful of his symphonies haven’t yet been recorded, so instead of Mieczysław Weinberg, February goes to Latvian composer Jānis Ivanovs. He only wrote 21 symphonies but with four other symphonic poems and three concertos, we’d come right to 28 days if I can find recordings of them all, which may be difficult.

But I digress.

As far as writing goes, I’ve never been much for a poem. To my recollection, I’ve never once written a poem of my own volition, always under (educational) duress. And to be honest, I’ve never really…. thought in poems, or had ideas for poems, or even really read much poetry.

So then, with a bit of the same spirit in which I, originally terrified of spiders, bought a tarantula (and then more than a dozen more), a friend and I have decided to write a haiku a day for four weeks.

It’s just 5+7+5, right? How hard can it be?

Write five syllables
Write seven more syllables
Five more and you’re done

Also, this will be a rather busy month anyway, with some traveling and other stuff going on, but a haiku is just a haiku, and I think it’s enough of a creative outlet, but also small enough, that I’ll have plenty of thoughts to share succinctly rather than be overwhelmed with something akin to NaNoWriMo.

So a haiku a day. I’ll be putting them here more for my personal edification (and proof) than anything else, with a category and everything. Also, I’m the opposite of succinct, so this should be a cool little exercise. That’s all.


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