Feb 10

A home in Asia Airplane over the ocean My home in Georgia

Feb. 9

vast expanse of space stars and planets, gas and dust where else is there life?

Feb 8

Fried foods, fats, oil Clogs arteries, stops the heart Fills and warms the soul

Feb 7

A bag of feathers Small white tiles of weightless warmth Immensely heavy

Feb 6

Is it possible? 40 days and 40 nights… A dry windowpane

Feb 5

I feel the earth move Tectonic activity Sense of helplessness

Feb 4

Fame, glory, and wealth All the things that make life “great”? Nah, I think I’ll pass

Feb 3

Almonds and coffee Apple cider vinegar Am I healthy now?

Feb 2

Doctor, bank, haircut Beethoven’s sixth symphony On a cold Friday

Feb 1

Outside my window The rain continues to fall The dog needs a walk

A Haiku a Day

(cover image by John-Mark Kuznietsov) February is a great month for doing things that might seem intimidating in other months. Sure, it’s only (usually) two days shorter than all the other months, but that’s two fewer days you have to do whatever it is you’ve committed yourself to doing. Last year, I did a few…

3: Jim and the Familiar Strangers

Jim rode a city bike, the newly-implemented City Cycle or something, a network of rentable bikes with stands throughout the metro area, to the stop almost nearest his house. There was one closer, but across the street from this stand (or rack or station) was a local Chinese place, which was where he decided dinner…